Kan-Ban Services

Kanban - a Japanese word that means "sign board". A word that has become synonymous with "demand scheduling" or Just in Time (JIT) Manufacturing. Kanban is utilized so that operators can produce product based on actual usage, rather then forecasted usage. Kanban will eliminate the need for production planners and supervisors to continuously monitor schedule status and in addition it will free up material planners, schedulers and supervisors by empowering the operator to control the line.

Benefits of Kanban

  • Reduce inventory
  • Improves flow
  • Prevents overproduction
  • Places control at the operational level
  • Improves responsiveness to change in demand
  • Minimizes risk of having obsolete inventory

IVRI will implement Kanban to your facility.
We are able to manage the process using these 6 steps:

  1. Conduct data collection
  2. Calculate the Kanban size
  3. Train everyone
  4. Start the Kanban
  5. Audit the Kanban
  6. Continuous improvement on the Kanban